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5 Ways To Help Yemen


Ways to help Yemen

Yemen, throughout the entire prior year and for the last decade, has been plunged into a seemingly endless pit of chaos, misery and hopelessness. With resources running out at a rapid rate and diseases spreading with a deadly rage, there is still something that we, as fellow humans, can do to assist them. Despite the numerous aid agencies still operating there, we can always contribute as individuals to the cause and increase the aid needed.

How to help yemen

5 Ways You Can Help Yemen

Being the region’s poorest nation, Yemen faces war at various fronts. With the economy at a complete halt and conflict involving destructive arsenal, the masses are left on their own. According to the United Nations, half of the country’s population may entirely rely on humanitarian aid to survive. So, here’s how you can help.

Health Supplies

Health screenings, as well as vaccines for the diseases that are rapidly spreading through the country, is one of the most essential ways that we can help Yemen. The children are one of the most highly affected of the entire population and they are also more vulnerable to disease. Apart from this, there are agencies working which can further provide malnutrition treatments, a problem brought on by the widespread famine.

Clean Water:

Clean water is one of the most important necessities Yemenis have no access to. With the threat of cholera present and damaged sewerage because of bombings, water is still largely contaminated. Mercy Relief is helping fight the Yemen water crisis by digging water wells and transporting clean water tanks. You can do your part by donating to such charities who can send water on your behalf.

Educational Aid:

Providing education as well as a safe haven for children in the disease-riddled war-zone is another way we can help Yemen. The children need to feel and understand the importance of education so that they do not spend the rest of their lives running in fear or living without any proper skills or talents. They may need to be nourished in order to reveal their talents but cannot because of there being no proper exposure to education. 75% of schools in some areas of Yemen have been destroyed, they are in dire need of educational services. If you are a trained teacher and want to help out, you can do that.

Food Supplies:

Due to the ever-increasing famine in the country, it would make sense to aid them by shipping various food items. There is wide-spread malnutrition in children due to a shortage of food supplies and aid in the form of food is one of the best ways to help Yemen.

Clothing Supplies:

With businesses shutting down and imports at a halt due to the fighting countries, there is a lack of clothing resources in Yemen as well. Any form of warm or summer clothes are appreciated in donation as aid and will help the unfortunate people who have to wake up to the sounds of bombshells and gunfire every day.


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