Qurbani 2024

From just £25, donate your Qurbani and fulfil your obligation today. In the midst of conflicts, floods, and natural disasters, millions of people are suffering. Families are hungry and desperate. Your Qurbani donation is crucial now.

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Palestine Emergency Appeal

Support the Palestinians with lifesaving food, water and medication in their desperate hour of need.

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Yemen Emergency Appeal

22 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian assistance. Your support can save lives today.

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The Barakah Fund

Support our various campaigns and earn ongoing reward for every lifesaving project carried out across many calamity-stricken countries worldwide.

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Our Appeals

Orphan Appeal

Orphaned children in Yemen are among the most vulnerable in our world today. They are desperately searching for a lifeline to survive through poverty, conflict and displacement.

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Pay your Zakat

Fulfill your obligation and save lives with your Zakat donation.

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Yemen Bakery Appeal

You can provide bread for up to 1000 Yemenis from only £120, providing them with immediate hunger relief.

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East-Africa Emergency Appeal

Your generosity can bring relief to those facing food insecurity and thirst in East-Africa.

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"Sadaqah wipes out sins like water extinguishes fire"
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Our Mission 

We’re on a mission to deliver life-saving aid to families in need. We work tirelessly to alleviate the pain and suffering of the less fortunate worldwide by breaking the cycle of poverty, through the delivery of humanitarian aid and the establishment of sustainable projects. We believe that everyone deserves access to life’s basic necessities, including food, water, shelter, medication and education. Through our UK staff and volunteers, along with our partners on the ground, our efforts go a long way in relieving distress and saving lives, giving our beneficiaries hope for the future. 

Where We Work

We work in various locations around the world with. mission to deliver life-saving aid to families in need.

Our Work in Yemen

Mercy Relief is proud to be one of the most prominent charities on the ground in Yemen. We’ve been carrying out lifesaving and vital humanitarian projects across dozens of areas in Yemen since 2008. Yemen is a country which has faced extreme difficulties for more than 15 years: war, famine, COVID-19 crisis, economic collapse and disease outbreaks. Currently, there are more than 22 million who rely on aid on a day-to-day basis. The child malnutrition rate here is amongst the highest in the world whilst more than 3 million pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under the age of five are suffering from acute malnutrition. Our projects include the provision of food packs, hot meals, bakeries, clean drinking water, medication, blankets, school supplies and sponsorship campaigns for orphans and school children.

Our Work in Palestine

When the people of Palestine face disaster, Mercy Relief’s teams on the ground respond immediately. For many years, men, women and children have faced agonising pain and have to fight hunger, thirst, displacement, cold and homelessness. In 2023 through to 2024, 2.3 million Palestinians had to endure a conflict which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and injured many more. The number of displaced people surpassed 80% of the population and access to life’s basic necessities such as food, water and medication remained very scarce. Thanks to the continuous generosity of our donors, Mercy Relief responded and continues to respond to this calamity by distributing hot meals, food packs, water, warmth and medication.

East Africa
East Africa

Food insecurity is rife across East-Africa and a staggering 7.1 million people are desperately in search of sufficient nourishment for themselves and their children. As a charity focused on disaster response, we’ve always allocated resources to cater to the needs of those calling out for our compassionate efforts to relieve their distress. In Somalia and Kenya, families are dying of hunger due to one of the worst droughts in 40 years. With other calamities around the world, those in Africa have sadly become the forgotten people. Mercy Relief have remembered these people for many years and regularly distribute nourishing food to thousands of families whilst providing easy access to thirst-quenching clean drinking water to those who need this urgent help.

Our Work in Lebanon

Lebanon is a country that has suffered for many years. Their economy collapsed, leaving millions of people struggling to afford basic living; all the while, the country had to deal with an influx of millions of Syrian refugees who escaped war, killing and persecution across the border. These millions of refugees have been living in makeshift camps, solely relying on monthly stipends and lifesaving aid in the form of mainly food and water. The sad reality is that the number of children living in these tents is staggering and many of them lack access to education, forcing them to work from a very young age to earn less than $1 a day, to provide for their families. Mercy Relief recognised this need and have been deployed to Lebanon multiple times a year to deliver crucial aid to those who need it most. Our teams on the ground and our UK teams work hand-in-hand throughout the year to deliver food, water, medication, warmth and hope to countless people in need.

Our Work in Morocco

Morocco was hit by a deadly earthquake of 6.9 magnitude in September 2023, causing the death of nearly 3000 people. Sadly, many remote and poor villages were hit, causing widespread damage and exasperating the suffering of those who were previously forced to rely on humanitarian organisations to provide for them. Our teams who specialise in disaster response were deployed immediately to deliver trucks of food and blankets to cater for the Moroccan people affected by this calamity, including children and the elderly. Due to other disasters and calamities taking precedence around the world, those in Morocco have slowly been forgotten, but Mercy Relief’s teams on the ground have continued to cater to the needs of the beneficiaries who continue to rely on support to ease their pain and suffering.

Our Work in Turkey

On the 6th of February 2023, at 04:17 am, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck southern and central Turkey claiming the lives of more than 50,000 people and displacing millions. This unprecedented disaster sent shockwaves across the region and until today, there are families who are suffering the repercussions, whilst enduring a life of displacement, homelessness, hunger and lack of access to medication, warmth and shelter. Mercy Relief’s teams both on the ground and from the UK responded, providing thousands of families with hot meals, food packs and warmth. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, many beneficiaries were blessed to receive support on multiple occasions, limiting their distress and suffering.