Small Ask, Big Reward

“Charity does not decrease wealth.” – Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ)

Ramadan always arrives when our souls need the most spiritual sustenance and in the midst of uncertainty, there is no better time to connect with Allah. Famines, floods, earthquakes, diseases and instabilities have plagued our recent memory and it has been indeed overwhelming.

Ramadan is a chance for us to strengthen our bond with Allah SWT and show mercy to those suffering around us.

One of the best ways to gain the maximum blessings of this month is to give in charity and help our vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world.

This Ramadan, we are on the ground in various countries delivering life-saving aid. Join us on our mission to share the blessings of this month and save lives.

No family should go hungry this Ramadan

Donate a food parcel with enough food to last a family for the entire month of Ramadan. Help provide iftar to families.

£70 Ramadan Food Parcel – Will provide a family with enough food for the entire month, including dates.


In Yemen, just like last year and the year before, families are fasting amidst the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. They have nothing to break their fast, Some go without food for days at a time, most barely have enough to survive. 17 million Yemenis are unable to put food on their tables.

Syria & Turkey

In Syria and Turkey, a devastating earthquake in February affected 24 million people. Families lost their loved ones, their homes and their source of income. This Ramadan, they will be grieving and suffering. Nowhere to call home, nothing to eat. 

You can help us provide monthly food parcels to last a family for a month.

East Africa

In Somalia, children are dying each day. A total of 7.1 million people face catastrophic levels of food insecurity as the country endures its third consecutive failed rainy season. The region has been facing a thirty year old conflict that has resulted in political and economic instability. 

1.5 million children under 5 face acute malnutrition; nearly half a million of these children face severe malnutrition and may be at risk of dying without immediate treatment. We need to act now.


In Pakistan, devastating floods ravaged the country affecting 33 million people. Families are hungry and homeless. They have nothing to break their fast. They are counting on us.

The Gambia

In the Gambia, a small west African country 48% of people live in poverty and 10.3% of children suffer from acute malnutrition. Thousands will go hungry this Ramadan. They need our help now. 


Lebanon hosts over 3 million Syrian refugees who live in camps enduring difficult living conditions and more than 11 years of uncertainty. Families are unable to earn an income or afford food. With your support, we will provide Ramadan food parcels.

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection” (Muslim)

Other ways you can gain the rewards of this blessed month

Sponsor an orphan in Yemen

Orphans are among the most vulnerable in our world. They need our love, care, and attention. Protecting orphaned children carries with it an unimaginable reward – it’s one of the greatest things you can do in Islam. An act so beloved to Allah SWT.

Help a vulnerable child in Yemen.

£25 a month – will provide food, clothes, medical care, clean water and a home for Yemeni orphans.

£300 a year – will sponsor an orphan for a year providing food, clothes, medical care, clean water and a home.

Sponsoring an orphan is also a chance to invest in Sadaqah Jariah, an ongoing charity creating a legacy of joy and blessings, for yourself and for others.

Support our Yemen Bread Factory

Bread is a lifeline for 10 million Yemenis who are one step away from famine. Right now, we support 12 bakeries providing essential bread to over 28,000 people daily. Together we can feed more people.

£120 Bakery support –  will provide bread to over 800 hungry people.

Provide clean water

Since the beginning of the conflict, over 14 million Yemenis are struggling to access clean water. Families have had to walk for miles every day just to find clean water. 

£60 Clean water for a month – will provide two families with clean water for their daily needs, to last a month.

£200 water storage tank for a household will provide a water storage tank for a family to help them store clean safe water at home. This is a relief for families who have nowhere to store the water we provide for the month.

Provide health care

In 2020, we opened two free emergency pharmacies in Yemen. Through this project, thousands of people who cannot afford medicine now have access to it. Help keep our pharmacies open.

£50 Free pharmacy support – will help support our free pharmacies for a month, ensuring that they stay open.

Our work is impossible without you

We are at the forefront of delivering aid and protecting the vulnerable. Our work is impossible without your support.

Thank you for helping us share the blessings of Ramadan with families in need. Together we are transforming lives and making each day bearable for families around the world.

*Our Ramadan projects are Zakat applicable.