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Making Eid Special for Children in Need

When we consider how thrilling Eid day is for children, with the collection of money and gifts from family and friends, it is impossible not to think about families in need. How do they celebrate Eid? What are the children looking forward to? This Ramadan, our goal is to provide children in need with the opportunity to experience the excitement of childhood, even if only for a day.

With a donation of £20, you can make this a reality. You can make Eid special for vulnerable children who have had their childhoods taken away from them. Donate now and let's give them the joy of childhood that they miss out on every day while growing up in countries devastated by conflict, instability, and disease.

£20 Eid gift - Make Eid special for a child by sending them a gift.

Other ways you can make Eid special

£5 per person
Zakat al Fitr (Fitrana)

This Ramadan, give your Zakat al Fitr to families in need in countries like Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and East Africa. For just £5 per person, you will fulfill your obligation and make this Eid a memorable and beautiful day for a destitute family.

Support our Bakeries

In Yemen, over 20 million people currently rely on humanitarian aid to survive, with over 10 million on the brink of famine due to lack of basic access to food. Since 2008, we have established bakeries across Yemen, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of people have access to essential bread. Support us this Eid in helping these bread factories provide nourishment for the vulnerable Yemeni population.

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Help Palestine

This Ramadan gain multiplied rewards by helping the people of Palestine. Families urgently need food, water and medicine. Your support is crucial. Donate an Emergency Pack.

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