General Sadaqah Fund

Save Lives With Your Sadaqah

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said; “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

Around the world, conflicts, natural disasters, disease and poverty have left millions desperate for humanitarian aid, with very little support to keep them going.

For decades now, we’ve seen trials upon trials where millions are faced with hardships which few of us can fathom. In Yemen, 22 million are waiting for aid whilst millions of children are malnourished. In Palestine, there are 2.3 million living in an open-air prison. In East-Africa, millions battle the worst famine in 40 years.

We must strive to answer their cries for help by giving Sadaqah, which can relieve pain, trauma and distress, whilst catering to the immediate needs of men, women, children and the elderly who sometimes have to wait many months to receive humanitarian aid.

A simple £100 donation can support a family in need across these countries by providing them with food, water, medication and warmth, ultimately bettering their quality of life.

Your compassionate donations can earn you blessings in this life and the next, as you’re emulating the best of mankind, prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) who always strived to help the elderly, the weak and the oppressed in society.

How You Can Help

Support Families

Your donation can support up to five families with food, water, medication and other emergency aid to relieve their distress.

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Give Sadaqah

Your donation can support up to three families with food, water, medication and other emergency aid to relieve their distress.

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Provide Emergency Aid

Your donation can support a family with food, water, medication and other emergency aid to relieve their distress.

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Famine, poverty, wars & natural disasters

In times of calamities, economies collapse and prices rise drastically, bringing about a recipe for disaster for millions. Sadly, these trials and tribulations regularly strike countries already facing poverty, so their suffering is exasperated, and the pains of hunger, thirst and homelessness increase daily.

Some of these countries are Yemen, Turkiye, Pakistan, Palestine and many across East-Africa. They all have one thing in common: many living here face challenges to afford life’s basic necessities..

This is where we must come together to make a longstanding impact in the lives of the destitute by providing them with humanitarian aid in the form of food, water, shelter, medication, warmth and sanitation.

By donating to Mercy Relief’s Generic Sadaqah Fund, many families will have the power to support themselves and their children who simply do not deserve to go through many unspeakable agonies.

Whilst we have access to unlimited food, water and warmth in the west, the poor and needy around the world worry about whether they will eat every evening or not eat at all.

Help us save lives by giving Sadaqah today and earn rewards for being a backbone for the oppressed and disenfranchised around the world. They will be so grateful for your compassion, and for answering their cries for help.

We have been operating for 15+ years

Mercy Relief’s teams have been dedicated to supporting the needy across the world for more than 15 years, specialising in disaster-response across countries such as Yemen, Palestine and East-Africa.